rock racing

Nowadays sports are as important as the daily meals. Healthier and active life have taken millions of followers as amateurs and professionals. The physical and mental benefits are huge not to mention the sensation the adrenaline gives you in those extreme moments.

This time we will explore a type of sport not everyone has explored: Rock racing. Both kinds, yes! There are two on going.

Back in 2007, a team managed and sponsored by the multimillionaire Michael Ball, debuted in third division amateur cycling careers in the Continental category. The difference this team had, was the scandal since its beginnings. The 9 athletes had been involved in doping and drugs before.

They were a magnet of attention as their first marketing tactics were successful. The taboo surrounding the team and defeating the rules was great for them and the brands related. The team competed exhibition careers and the effect on the media was a blast!

They started as only Americans and then became from different parts of the world: Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia even Mexico afterwards. Some of the known competitors were Tyler Hamilton, Alex Boyd, Christopher Baldwin, and David Tanner. The foreigners were Santiago Botero, Oscar Sevilla, Francisco Mancebo, and Lucas Sebastián Haebo among other now famous cyclists. It was Rudy Pevenage in 2009 who leaded the most recalled victories they had.

To be selected as part of this team you had to be a failure in drug tests but a winner as a high performance athlete. The victories started coming one after another in European ground and they became global.

Problems came as logical when the addiction came to collect their debt with some of the participants (Tyler Hamilton and Eladio Jiménez) during a started season competition in 2010. Debate and allegations started and their license was finally revoked for Continental competitions.

Viral marketing campaigns were associated and this was a great example of the impact of our social media this 21st century and the power of communication. As of today, the team still exists and competes as amateur. Its glory moment might have passed but the geniality in their constitution will never be forgotten.

Now, there is another type of rock racing and that one is harder: This one is practiced and enjoyed driving specialized competition cars. This is for those who like the max levels of adrenaline and testosterone! There is a variety of specifications for your car’s performance.

The motor speed is important but your safety assurance depends on the quality of the wheels supporting you biting those hills. The patterns and internal foams are critical as the driver works on the degrees of climbing or inclination. No racing surface is the same.

This is when the vehicle and driver become one. Weather conditions are challenges for every competition to stimulate your need for aggressive experiences. Some video games have been released as virtual practice environments for skill accuracy and fun.